Our Daylilies & Hosta

At Hardy Daylily Garden, we grow over 1000 varieties of Daylilies and 50 varieties of Hosta. We grow miniature / dwarf, true spider, spider variant, eyed, ruffled, double, fragrant, reblooming, standard, and pony size Daylilies. We grow pink, red, purple, watermarked, yellow, near white, orange, near green, and multicolor Daylilies. We specialize in Hardy Daylilies which grow well in our northern, cold winter climate. We offer early, mid, and late blooming Daylilies. Most Daylilies in our garden bloom sometime between June and August. A few of very earliest Daylilies begin blooming in May, and the very latest Daylilies finish blooming in September.

About half of our garden is comprised of named varieties from our favorite Hardy Daylily hybridizers around the United States. The other half of our garden is composed of Daylilies we’ve hybridized. Some of the Daylilies we’ve hybridized have been specially selected and named. Other Daylily seedlings of ours which are not named are generally one-of-a-kind plants. Most plants in the garden are for sale, unless in rare cases we’ve saved a plant to watch or hybridize.

We sell plants in person in the garden and do not mail order Daylilies. We dig plants for you as you watch, keep the soil on the roots, bag or pot the Daylily, and label each plant.