We’ve saved up some testimonials below from garden visitors. If you’d like to send us a testimonial, please email it to us from this page. Upon posting your testimonial, we’ll just use your first name and first initial of your last name for your own privacy. Or you can let us know if you want us to replace your name with -Anonymous for added privacy. We appreciate the positive feedback you send in and thanks so much for visiting. Have a wonderful day and happy gardening!

“Our family loves the ambiance with the trees and the sculptures at your place. It is so relaxing and beautiful.”

Lindsey W.

“Hi Mr. Hardy,

I came into your garden wanting quality plants to give my girlfriends family. They weren’t into Daylilies yet but were willing to let me plant Daylilies in 4 spots on either side of the back door to their house in Groton. You helped me choose 4 plants that have now been there for years. The family just loves them as they have been so prolific and amazing. In fact, the plants are so cool looking they have given me pieces of each off the sides which I’m now growing. Great plants, thanks.”

Tim M.

“Of the gardens we visit every year, we love the relaxed mood here as a favorite!!!”

Jeff Y.

“We look forward to coming to your garden every year!”

Carla H.

“Dear Hardies, thanks so much for the nice plants over the years. We have a beautiful garden thanks to you and we’re proud to show friends our garden.

Sherry H.

“Wow – your garden is so beautiful.”

Randy C.

“To the Hardy Daylily Garden,
My husband and I visit the Hardys every summer to add new daylilies to our garden. 20 years later our garden has now been a show garden for years. When we run out of room in the garden, we give away some plants to friends just so we can go and visit Mr. Hardy to get new varieties he’s hybridized. Our CT garden is truly an inspiration and we can’t thank the Hardys enough for all the healthy beautiful plants they have sold to us over the years.”

YuFen T.

“Dear Hardy Daylily Garden:

I enjoyed my visit to your garden immensley. As a new gardener I was thrilled to find a beautiful robust, easy to care for plant such as daylilies. One of your garden workers was extremely pleasant and patient with my novice questions. The four plants have transplanted very well and I look forward to my next visit this summer.”

Emily S.

“Mr Hardy, I have a garden in Albany NY. Thank you ever so much for the Daylilies this summer. I got a lot of different reds and purples from you, and since you sold all the clumps to me with the soil on the roots, they didn’t even know they were transplanted! They finished blooming and some are now reblooming. I can’t wait to see them all bloom next year. Now I just need to do what you told me so I can keep the deer away!”

Kim W.

“Dear Hardies, of all the gardens we visit, we love yours the best.”

Curtis T.

“Dear gardener, I am a big fan of big showy flowers and was ecstatic to find varieties such as Sgt. Major in your collection. I’m now inspired to start my own spider collection. I only bought one plant since I had already picked up a bunch from other gardens. I’ll make sure to come back another time.”

Richard L.

“To Hardy Daylily Garden, My family and I visited your garden this summer for the first time. From stories where friends raved about how wonderful your garden is we knew you’d have a nice variety to choose from. But, what we didn’t know is that you’d have all of the great sculptures / colorful towers of art. Those were cool as a fun added bonus to see. We got about 10 varieties of plants and they still look great weeks later. We dug big holes, added in some compost like you mentioned, and watered them. They look like they were always there. “

Biren C.

“Dear Mr. Hardy, thank you for everything. We came three weekends in a row and now have an instant garden at home. The plants look great!”

Thom N.

“Dear Hardys, what a fun day we had in your gardens! We walked around for hours. You answered our tons of questions, showed us lots of varieties and when we were ready helped us buy the perfect plants for our garden. Thank you.”

Linda J.